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FIXED – WordPress GDPR Compliance Plugin Infection

Dealing with the GDPR compliance plugin infection? This is a NASTY NASTY NASTY WordPress infection that has been running very wild these past few days and infected tons of WordPress sites. Oh by the way, did we say that this GDPR Compliance Plugin Infection is NASTY? What makes this type of infection a bit different […]

How to fix seeing “This Website Has Been Suspended”

Need to fix This Website Has Been Suspended? OH WHY OH WHY am I seeing “This Website Has Been Suspended”… Did you just receive an email from your hosting company saying that your have infected files in your account or they have suspended your WordPress website because it is infected with malware? This has to be […]

FIXED – WordPress Admin Blank Page

Dealing with a WordPress admin blank page? OH NO the dreaded WordPress Admin Blank Page!!! First off if you are experiencing this please stay calm. We will guide you to a resolve and if you would rather us just do the work, you can purchase a general support ticket below. Are you trying to login […]

5 WordPress Security Measures Every Site NEEDS To Have

Want to enhance your WordPress security measures? How secure is your WordPress installation? If you aren’t following the advice in this piece, not very. Here are 5 WordPress Security Measures Every Site NEEDS To Have!!! WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world – so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s the most […]

5 Tips for Migrating WordPress Website to a Better Host

Migrating WordPress website does not need to be hard… Migrating a WordPress website to a new host should be fairly easy. It’s a straightforward process, but complications are common, so you need to be prepared to deal with them. The first thing to do is to study the WordPress Codex, chapter dedicated to migration to a […]

How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers

Need to secure your WordPress website? WordPress website is a bliss for publishers. And it should be. With a large number of plugins and themes, WordPress is being used voraciously all around the globe. But there are entities who do not want to see happy WordPress users. Do you remember Jan 2018? The malicious keylogger? […]

Why You Should Have SSL on Your WordPress Website

SSL on Your WordPress Website is SOOOO Important! You’ve probably been hearing how Google is strongly stressing website owners to have SSL. You might have seen address bars with “Not Secure” within Chrome, or websites with warnings on it. Months ago, warnings weren’t a thing, but Google is cracking down on websites that don’t have […]

FIX THIS FAST – This Account Has Been Suspended WordPress

Dealing with the this account has been suspended WordPress issue? his is by far one of the worst things a WordPress website owner or manager can receive from their hosting company. If you have received the dreaded “This Account Has Been Suspended WordPress” communication from your hosting company, do not panic. This bad news will […]