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FIXED WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

WordPress 500 Internal Server Error ???? DAMM YOU !!! If someone gave you $500 for doing nothing, you would be so happy. But is if you saw a WordPress 500 Internal Server Error you would not be so happy. If you are dealing with a WordPress 500 Internal Server Error oh, you are probably a […]

How to Backup WordPress Easy and Pain Free in 1 Step

Learn how to backup WordPress easy and pain free… We have a very true and painful statement we use when it comes to backing up your site. We say “BACKUP BEFORE YOUR CRACKUP“. One of the most important things that you should have in place on your WordPress site is a backup plan. Knowing how to backup […]

Migrate WordPress From One Location to Another

Do you need to migrate WordPress? Want to move your WordPress site from one location to another? Let us show you how easy it can be. While the idea of doing this yourself may seem nuts, just take some time to read below and let us amaze you how it can happen pain free. LET’S […]

FIXED – SiteGround Resource Temporary Unavailable Issue

Need to fix this SiteGround Resource Temporary Unavailable? Is your WordPress website hosted with SiteGround and you have received the “SiteGround Resource Temporary Unavailable” email from them? This can be a really frustrating notification because it means your website is now offline and you need to take action to fix it. Below is a portion […]

Why is WooCommerce So Slow – Here is how to FIX IT!

Understand why is WooCommerce so slow… Did you know WooCommerce is a POWER PACKED plugin to give your WordPress site the ability to sell online. While WooCommerce can be an amazing selling tool for your site you may wonder Why is WooCommerce So Slow. Well the short answer is that the plugin itself has allot […]

How to Fix Common WordPress Issues

Need to fix common WordPress issues? Note: Always back-up your site before making any changes Tinkering with WordPress can be dangerous if you’re not familiar with more than WordPress basics..  When in doubt, seek the assistance of a qualified WordPress professional like us…;). Slow Loading Site – Fix Common WordPress Issues Why it happens: Slow […]

Instant WordPress Firewall Setup

WordPress firewall setup and what you need to know… Security is key in the online world. There are many malicious attacks that can take place on a website and there are also simple things you can do to protect yourself against such attacks. One of those simple things you can do to protect your site […]

Simple WordPress Security Checklist

WordPress Security Checklist To Take Action On The web is a very powerful place and within that power are some forces that are out to do damage to some websites.  Now being that WordPress is the platform of choice for almost 27% of all websites online, it is important that if you are using WordPress […]