Need to fix this SiteGround Resource Temporary Unavailable?

Is your WordPress website hosted with SiteGround and you have received the “SiteGround Resource Temporary Unavailable” email from them? This can be a really frustrating notification because it means your website is now offline and you need to take action to fix it. Below is a portion of the email notification you may receive from SiteGround.

“With this notification we would like to inform you that your account consumes a very high percentage of the server resources (processor time and memory) and thus affects the performance of the whole shared server. In order to keep the server at normal load, we had to limit the shared server resources your account can use.

Please note that this may result in occasional “Resource temporary unavailable” error messages shown on your website.”

Another notification you may have received pertaining to the “SiteGround Resource Temporary Unavailable” issue can be in form of  your account exceeding the monthly allowed number of CPU seconds per account.

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