By Default, the WooCommerce cart doesn’t auto update when quantity changed Easily update the cart for customers when product quantities change.  Remove “Update Cart” button and Do It Automatically on Quantity Change.


When you change the product quantity, the cart will be immediately updated. Here the easiest way to do this with just a couple lines of code.

add this css code on :

appearance => Customize ==> Additional CSS

<style type=”text/css”>

.woocommerce button[name=”update_cart”],
.woocommerce input[name=”update_cart”] {
display: none;



then install plugin name : Insert Header And Footer


and add  this script on footer :



var timeout;

jQuery( function( $ ) {
$(‘.woocommerce’).on(‘change’, ‘input.qty’, function(){

if ( timeout !== undefined ) {
clearTimeout( timeout );

timeout = setTimeout(function() {
}, 1000 ); // 1 second delay, half a second (500) seems comfortable too

} );


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