It is 2021, and almost every WordPress theme provides an option to add a featured image on WordPress posts. However, not all the themes allow you to hide the featured image. So, if you want to know how to hide a featured image in WordPress posts, this write-up will come in handy for you.


Using a WordPress plugin to hide features image


If your current theme does not support hiding a featured image and you also don’t want to use a new theme, you can use a WordPress plugin to get the job done.

Here are some plugins you can use:

Hide featured image on all single page/post

Hide featured image

Here are the steps:

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Plugin and then click on Add New .
  • You will find a search bar on the top right. Type “Hide featured image on all single page/post”
  • Click on ‘Install’ to install the plugin.
  • Click on ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin.

After Activate it will automatically Hide all the featured image on all single page/post.


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