Need to find WordPress malicious code?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used by people either for simple blogging or other purposes like setting up an e-commerce store. There are plugins and themes to choose from as well. Some of them are free while other are not. Often, a few of these themes are actually uploaded by people who have tweaked them for their own gain.

They could possibly filled with malicious code that can easily hack your blog. Sometimes, backlinks to their sites are also added into these themes and a normal user has no idea how to cope with these backlinks. In this post, we’ve gathered 5 effective tools to deal with malicious code in a WordPress theme or website.

Are you looking for a free plugin to scan yo

  1. WP Fix It Infection Scanner – WordPress Malicious Code

Are you looking for a free plugin to scan WordPress website to see if it contains an Infection or some type of Malware? We have a FREE WordPress Malware Scanner Plugin that you can download right away below and get your site scanned for any infectious files that might be present.

The great thing about this, other than it being a FREE WordPress Malware Scanner Plugin, is that it will not only scan the site you are worried about but it will scan your entire hosting account if you like. This can really come in handy for those that have multiple WordPress sites in a single hosting account.

The bad thing about WordPress infections is that they can spread like colds. If a single site inside of your hosting account gets infected, that infection can spread to the other sites that you may also have in the same hosting account. This WordPress Malware Scanner Plugin will scan all sites.

Take a look at the animated image below to see it in action and see how easy it is to use and scan your site for WordPress Infections.

  2. Anti-Malware – WordPress Malicious Code

Anti-Malware is a WordPress plugin that can be used to scan and remove viruses, threats and other malicious things that may be present in your WordPress website. Some of its important features include customized scan, complete scan, quick scan, removal of known threats automatically among many others.

You can register the plugin for free at gotmls. If you are not into “phone home” scripts, avoid this plugin as it uses the “phone home” feature to check for updates. [Get it here]

  3.AntiVirus for WordPress – WordPress Malicious Code

AntiVirus for WordPress is an easy-to-use protection plugin which is helpful for scanning WordPress themes used on your WordPress website for malicious codes. By using this plugin, you can get alerts for viruses in the admin panel.

There’s also a daily scan where you’ll get email notifications if anything suspicious pops up. It can also whitelist your site and there’s plenty of other features. [Get it here]

  4. Quttera Web Malware Scanner – WordPress Malicious Code

The Quttera Web Malware Scanner helps to scan a website for protection against malicious code injection, viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses, etc. It offers some nice features such as scanning and detection for unknown malware, blacklisting status, a scan engine with artificial intelligence, detection for external links and much more.

You can scan your website to detect malware for free while other services cost $60/Year. [Get it here]

   5.Wordfence – WordPress Malicious Code

If you’re looking to defend your website against cyber threats, you could try the WordFence plugin. It provides real-time protection against known attackers, two-factor authentication, blocks an entire malicious network (if detected), scans for known backdoors and does plenty of other things.

The services mentioned are free but there are also some advanced features which you can get with payment. [Get it here]


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