Today in this tutorial you will learn how to enable SourceGuardian PHP Loader in WHM. But before getting started let us quick watch this short video on how enable SourceGuardian loader in WHM.

Step::1 Log into WHM


Step::2 Go to Server Configuration


Step::3 Click on Tweak settings

Tweak settings whm

Step::4 Jump to the PHP tab

whm php

Step::5 Tick on SourceGuardian option in cPanel PHP Loader column and click on Save button


Step::6 Now go back to home screen and click on Software

software whm

Step::7 Go to Easy Apache4

Easy Apache4

Step::8 Click on Customize button

Customize whm

Step::9 Now go to PHP Extensions and search for sourceguardian in the search box

PHP Extensions whm

Step::10 Enable it for all the PHP versions and click on Next button

enable all

Step::11 Click on Next again and then Review the list and click on Provision to complete the process


That’s it!!!

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